Black Trumpet Bistro – A New Hampshire Gem

After years of reading about, hearing about, being told about, gushed to, harangued and bothered by friends who frequently travel to Portsmouth, NH to take advantage of the much-heralded restaurant scene there, this foodie fan boi decided to get in the car, drive to New Hampshire and see what all the fuss was about. By the time I’d finished the Black Trumpet Bistro’s (the target of our first Portsmouth outing) signature fried olives, almonds and garlic I was hooked.

The cozy brick-walled, heavy timbered room that holds the BTB’s main dining room (there’s a wine bar upstairs with views of the working Portsmouth Harbor) practically demands that you unplug, slow down and enjoy a deliciously languid meal. With several courses to choose from, each with tantalizing options, we found it easy to pass a couple hours meandering through the menu. You’ll be hard pressed to choose from among the many dishes, all prepared with locally-sourced ingredients, but a safe bet is the Rabbit Fricassee. It’s easy to get rabbit wrong. The Black Trumpet got it just right.

And because parking was only 75 cents an hour at the conveniently located municipal parking garage, the money we saved by not having to pay to park in Boston, or settle the inevitable parking ticket, provided a healthy rationalization to sample several of the wines from the extensive cellar the Black Trumpet maintains.

A very, very enthusiastic recommendation.

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